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new discussion 30 Jan 2015
Hello, I have configured the FS in Windows Server, all the sudden it is not mounting.  I can imprt the VG, but volume is not getting mounted. What is the correct to log file to check the issue?
new discussion 30 Jan 2015
I keep getting this error when I try to launch Backup Exec 2012. Could anyone please help out here? I just inherited the network a week ago. Thanks.
updated idea 30 Jan 2015
Add to future releases of Workspace Streaming/Virtualization: Enhanced Monitor>Active Users search/filtering capibility on the Admin Console. Add Application Name header and ability to search by Application Name under Monitor>Active Users Add multi level and wildcard searching and filtering ability Add ability to search/filter by ID, NAME, HOSTNAME, Servername, Last Login, ...
updated discussion 30 Jan 2015
Here is the scenario. 1. Email notification originates from an application server local to my network and relayed through SMG. 2. Server IP has been added to list of ip addresses in Administration -> Configuration -> Edit Host Configuration -> SMTP -> Outbound -> Outbound Mail Acceptance 3. Email hits SMG 10.5.1-2 with this info on the log "Attempted Delivery to: "Non-Local MTA IP":25 550 ...
updated discussion 30 Jan 2015
We are runing BE2014 on Windows 2008 R2 with a single media server. The De-dup folder is on a NTFS partition with cluster size default to 4 KB of size 13 TB. It's limited to 16 TB max but we need to expand it over a new storage expansion of 27 TB. So how can we overcome the limitation to create a new De-dup folder with total capcity of 40 TB without losing any existing backup sets?
updated discussion 30 Jan 2015
This is just a general question around configuring NetBackup VMWare policies through the NetBackup Administration Console (we're using version -  just doing some testing\experimentation around Accelerator features. When setting up a policy, there are a couple of options:- option 1: Attributes tab:Use Accelerator option 2: VMWare tab: Enable block-level incremental ...