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Cannot seem to move "backup to disk" "B2D" files.

Created: 07 Oct 2010 • Updated: 08 Mar 2011 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We are having a hard time figuring out what is going on here.  It seems this should be a simple operation but it is not working as expected.

Here is the simple scenario: 

1.  We have a machine we are decommissioning that was our main Backup Exec server.  However, we have build a new machine and have placed that machine into service as our backup machine.  Everything is running nicely.

  • 2.  The old machine, which is NO longer connected to the network, has been running and as expected, most of the "B2D" files have aged, and we have retired/deleted the old ones.  HOWEVER, there are about 15 "B2D" files containing backups we need to keep (they are backups of disk/machines that are no longer in service).
  • 3.  So we did the following on the old machine:
    •  Created a new empty Backup To Disk folder on an external hard disk.  We then copied all the "B2D" files there (did not change the "index" or "config" files.)  We ran "inventory/catalog" and everything looked great there.  No problems.
    • We shutdown the machine, removed the external hard drive and installed it on the NEW Backup Exec Server.
  • 4.  Now on the new machine we created a new Backup to Disk folder, on the same disk, copied the just created "index" and "config" files to the folder from the old machine, and finally renamed the folder to match the newly created Backup to Disk folder.
  • 5.  Then things went down hill.  We ran the "inventory" and all the "B2D" files appeared.  That is a good start.  Next we turned off the "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Catalog" -> "Request all media in the sequence for..." and the "Use Storage media based catalog".
  • 6.  We ran "Catalog" on each of the "B2D" files.  More than half of them failed with the message:
  • "The job failed with the following error: Invalid Physical Volume Library Media Identifier."

    7.  EVEN the jobs that did make it through the "catalog" process, when we try to do a restore from them we get the message:

    "The selected media was not found in the catalogs.  You must first catalog the media if you want to use it for restore operations."

    That is clearly a catch-22 since we had just finished successfully the catalog operation on that media.


    So what to do?  The files still exist on the old sever, seem to be cataloged properly.  Trying to copy those "B2D" files seems like that should work (we followed a procedure from a support article). 

    All we want is to transfer the backups of some machines to the new Backup Exec server. 

    Please help. 

    Thanks in advance for your help, it is appreciated.


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    Mahesh Roja's picture

    "The selected media was not found in the catalogs. You must first catalog the media if you want to use it for restore operations."

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    Mahesh Roja's picture

    When trying to restore media, "The selected media was not found in the catalogs" occurs

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    Colin Weaver's picture

    If you already had created media with the same file names on the new server by running backup jobs - then you will need to retire the media and delete it (from BE and from the file system) before you copy the same media from the old server.

    Otherwise BE will have Media ID's/GUIDs stored in the database that reference the media that was created on the new server and try to use these IDs because of the media names being duplicated - instead of generating and using valid ones for the media you have copied across from the old server. Hence one possible reason for the errors.

    Think of BE as a big database that contains a BEDB Table (in SQL) a Catalog Table (in the file system) and a B2D content table (also in the file system) Do something that makes any part of these inconsistent and you have to then do something else to make it back consistent.

    Mahesh Roja's picture

    any update?

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    OK, we have been working on some other Backup Exec issues and this one was put on hold for awhile.

    Anyhow, from the answers given by Colin it appears there really is no good easy way to move the backup-to-disk (B2D) files to the new machine.  Since the new machine has been running for some time, there are files with the same names as those on the old machine.

    So it looks like the process we need to use is the following:

    a) Locate all the B2D file with the same name on the new machine as what we have on the old machine. 

    b) If the contents of the file are still part of an active backup (not overwrite-able) we would NOT be able to copy that file to the new machine since we could not delete it.  Otherwise, we need to retire and delete the file from Backup Exec on the new machine and off the disk.

    b) Now copy the old B2D files into one of the new "Backup to Disk" folders.  (At this point does it matter which folder?  Assuming not given Colin's response.)

    c) Run an inventory on the folders holding the new files.

    d) Run a catalog on the files just added in the folders.

    Does that sound right? 

    Colin, you are saying that on any one media server, all the B2D file names are unique and managed across ALL the backup-to-disk folders on that particular system? 

    Hard to believe others have not come across this same problem. 

    Please let us know if that proceedure makes sense or if you guys can think of another way to make this less tedious. 

    Thanks in advance for the help.