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New forum discussion 09 Apr 2009
Hello, I have noticed some difference in behaviour between Oracle RMAN backups and MS-SQL backups when using the NetBackup agents. In an Oracle RMAN backup, if a stream from RMAN should fail (for example with status code 25) but all of the other streams complete with status code ...
New forum discussion 09 Apr 2009
I have NetBackup 6.0 MP7 and am using the Java interface on Windows. I tried to browse into a folder that had a & (ampersand) in its name and received the following error: Invalid character '<path>' detected (Status 1,001) The above bug report states that this ...
New forum discussion 01 Apr 2009
Hello, A large number of our Outlook users have PST files which are stored on a network file server.  I am well aware that Microsoft do not support the use of PST files on servers accessed over a LAN or WAN, but we have what we have. When NetBackup tries to backup the PST ...
New forum discussion 30 Mar 2009
Hello In NOM, I have configured an alert to send me an email when the number of available media falls to below 5.  The problem that I am seeing is that the media report displayed in NOM is incorrect.  It shows the total volumes as 1 and the available media as -45.  In ...
New forum discussion 03 Feb 2009
Hello,   I am trying to backup an Oracle 11g database held on a RHEL 5 server using NetBackup 6.0   When the backup job runs, RMAN reports the following errors: channel ch00: starting piece 1 at 03-FEB-09RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on ch00 ...
New forum discussion 29 Jan 2009
Hello,   Does anyone know what the default login credentials are for the NOM database? I have a new installation and I am trying to set up the nightly backup schedule and dbisqlc asks for login credentials.   I've tried the other defaults guestwith ...
New forum discussion 29 Jan 2009
Hello,   I have installed the Remote Administration Console on a W2K3 box.  When I open the Activity Monitor in the Remote Administration Console, I receive the following error:   Unable to obtain the device list from the Enterprise Media Manager server.  Unable to ...
New forum discussion 22 Jan 2009
Hello,   I am running NetBackup 6.0 MP5 on RHEL 4 i386.  When I go to start NetBackup /etc/init.d/netbackup start I receive the error "NetBackup will not run without /usr/openv/db/bin/NB_dbsrv running"   I checked the log file in ...
New forum discussion 04 Nov 2008
Hello,   I have some MS-SQL databases that are backed up using the MS-SQL agent.  Once the logs have been backed up and truncated, I would like to shrink the logs to remove the white space.  Is there any command I can use with NetBackup to do this, or does it require a ...